Edgar cleans the Carpet


multimedia installation | "Edgar cleans the carpet" | Winter 2010
concept + realization: in collaboration with E. Gruber + E. Troesterer

dvd_booklet_EDGAR.inddThe installation is based on marker-tracking which leads to the appearance of 3D-worlds on the screen made in Pure Data – like an augmented reality. Inside the vacuum cleaner a PC is situated and on top there is a screen. The modified “sucking head” has a camera and LEDs inside to enlighten the part of the carpet that gets observed.

The pattern of the carpet is composed of about 100 markers, 15 of these markers are linked to 15 different 3D-worlds. All the other markers have the same ID and are not defined respectively linked to any world. If you are vacuum cleaning over undefined markers, the camera shows only an image of the carpet. But when you hit one of the 15 special markers the linked fictive “carpet-world” pops up.

Hardware: vacuum cleaner box with modified sucking head (without engine), screen, Mac mini, camera, cameralights, various cabels, carpet with linen markers (ReacTIVision classic symbols)
Softwares: Linux as operating system, PureData, Gem, ReacTIVision, TUIO.

FeatPic Project_Edgar01

Idea and realisation are the result of a project for the masters programme Media and Interaction Design at the U. A.S. Joanneum Graz. The 15 different 3D-worlds are programmed by fellow students and the project team. The installation was part of an exhibition at the Medienkunstlabor Graz at the end of January 2010 and was shown at the Cinema Siska in Ljubljana at the beginning of June 2010.


dvd_booklet_EDGAR.inddVideo on Vimeo

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– video: U.A.S. Joanneum Graz, Masters Programme Media and Interaction Design, Class 2008